Download our Fundraising Plan "B" in PDF Format


We know many of you have been wanting us to come out to your location to conduct Koala Moa fundraisers. After taking a hiatus to establish our restaurant on Nimitz Hwy., we are now ready to offer fundraising on the site of your choice on a limited basis. We will be limiting our events to ONE fundraiser per week, to be conducted on SATURDAYS only. Fundraisers will be booked on a first come, first serve basis, so dates will get reserved quickly

To reserve your date, A non-refundable $200.00 deposit (the amount will be credited towards the final cost of your fundraiser) must be submitted to our offices.

Please refer to the content below for more information. Contact us at (808) 523-6701 if you have any questions or would like to get started.

KOALA MOA will provide the following items to facilitate the successful completion of the tentative benefit chicken sale:

  1. Automatic, rotisserie-type, cookers to cook the chicken
  2. Trained operators to run and maintain cookers at maximum efficiency
  3. Trained personnel to place chicken on the rotisserie rods
  4. Plastic bags printed with safe-handling instructions for each chicken
  5. Gloves and disposable aprons for volunteers, as needed
  6. Tents to handle the processing of the raw and cooked chicken
  7. Approximately 2 to 2 ¼ lb. chicken.

YOUR organization shall be responsible for the following:

  1. A suitable location to conduct the fundraiser. (Location must meet our requirements)
  2. Volunteers to complete the event. 14 volunteers for every 1500 chicken ordered. Volunteers must be present at designated starting time.
  3. Head covering for volunteers. Hats and hair nets are acceptable, visors are not.
  4. Tables, chairs, and refreshments for your volunteers.
  5. Additional bags/boxes for large order pick-ups.
  6. Tents, tables, containers for the distribution of the cooked and bagged chicken.

Steps to Holding a Successful Fund Raising Event:

  1. Meet with your organization to decide on how many tickets to order and what date you would like to hold the fund raiser on. We recommend two to two and a half months to complete the fund raising process
  2. Call us to see if the date is still available.
  3. A $200 deposit is required to reserve the date. We reserve dates on a first-come, first-serve basis. The deposit will be applied towards the total cost of the chicken. The deposit must be received before ticket printing can begin. This deposit is non-refundable.
  4. After we receive the deposit, we will make out a contract to prepare the necessary Department of Health forms. We can also order the tickets at this time. Tickets cost $26.18 per 1000.
  5. Distribute tickets and start selling!
  6. Start collecting the ticket money and follow the payment schedule, as stated on the contract. Dates and amounts will be clearly stated on the contract.
  7. Call in your final count on the date stated on the contract. You will only be charged for the amount of chicken that you call in. You are not responsible for the initial amount of chicken ordered (it is only to draw up a contract and to order tickets), PROVIDED you call in your order as specified on the contract.
  8. Arrive with your volunteers on the day of the event at the specified time hold a successful fund raising event!

Price/Profit Per Chicken For Fundraisers held at Outside Locations

Number of Chicken Ordered Cost Per Chicken Profit Per Chicken Total Profit
800 $9.00 $3.00 $2,320.00
1000 $8.95 $3.05 $3,050.00
1500 $8.92 $3.08 $4,620.00
2000 $8.91 $3.09 $6,180.00
2500 $8.89 $3.11 $7,775.00
3000 $8.87 $3.13 $9,390.00
3500 $8.85 $3.15 $11,025.00